Rapper Frzy will perform with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra in a collaborative concert on November 8.

In Thursday’s (10/5) Forbes.com, Nancy Berk writes, “Emmy Award-winning rapper Frzy will release his album ‘Success’ on October 18 along with ‘Popularity,’ a fraternal twin album, creating a double release aimed to highlight the difference between the two constructs. No stranger to tackling complex thought-provoking projects, on November 8, he will put ‘Success’ on stage to make history with a one-night-only concert collaboration with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO)…. ‘The Glorious Succession of Frzy’ marks the world premiere of an orchestration of the hip-hop artist’s new album and the first time that a full orchestration of a rap album has been performed by the artist or the PSO. With orchestral arrangements by composer Christian Kriegeskotte, Frzy, his band (The Faculty) and DJ Solo Dolo will join the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra under Associate Conductor Moon Doh. The event opens with a cinematic theme composed by Kriegeskotte that channels the rapper’s childhood obsession with superheroes like Black Panther and the music superhero model he strives to emulate with his philanthropy…. Harvey ‘Frzy’ Daniels calls the concert a ‘love letter’ to the city where he was born and raised and an opportunity to bring people together while blending cultures, fan bases, and music experiences.”