In Thursday’s (1/6) Dallas Morning News, Theodore Kim writes, “If the Plano Symphony Orchestra ever chisels its version of Mount Rushmore, it may want to reserve several spots for Alice Hobbs. She has, at various times, served as its executive director, board president, director of volunteers and president of the volunteers’ guild. She has helped guide it from a mere concept to one of North Texas’ more popular orchestras. … It often plays to audiences of more than 1,000. Its annual budget has grown from less than $2,000 to $1.4 million. The concert calendar has expanded from three events to 25, not including solo, ensemble and other programs. Much of the growth is thanks to Hobbs, 67, who plans to retire in March after 18 years as executive director.” In the article, League of American Orchestras President and CEO Jesse Rosen notes the challenges facing orchestras in suburban environments, but the Plano Symphony has kept audiences engaged “by interspersing widely known songs and movie soundtracks with its more obscure works. Mixers and other social events often accompany concerts now. And the orchestra, which has branded itself as family friendly, has reached out to schools for educational and other initiatives.”

Posted January 7, 2011