Wednesday’s (10/29) blog at NY classical radio station WQXR reports, “A Southwest Airlines flight to Denver was the scene of an inventive duet recently when Francisco Vila, a cellist, and Maximilian, a beatboxing flight attendant, performed the Prelude to Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1. The flight attendant captured the performance on video and posted it to YouTube …. Maximilian did a beatboxing performance on the flight’s P.A. system, as is his custom, when Vila, the cellist, said he wanted to perform as well. After two solo pieces, the flight attendant made it a duet. The Ecuadorian-American cellist currently holds a residency with the Queen Elisabeth organization in Belgium and was a prize winner in the annual Sphinx Competition. Passengers on the flight can be seen filming the episode and nodding along, and break into applause when the performance ends.”

Posted October 30, 2014