The Philadelphia Orchestra’s recently announced cutbacks were the subject of a June 1 post at, a Philadelphia-based city guide. “One of the current and more salient gripes these days—made by everyone from Bill Maher to progressive and conservative pols alike—is how rare it is for people to make real sacrifices in times of need. Can we get a what-what and plenty up top, then, for the Philadelphia Orchestra? Last week, the members of the Orchestra agreed to give up about $4M collectively over the next two years—an agreement which included pay cuts, overtime, pension restructuring and royalties—not just because the moves could save their jobs, but also because (and this is important) they viewed the preservation of the Orchestra as being something that serves the greater good: ‘The musicians view preserving the quality of the Philadelphia Orchestra as our sacred trust,’ said cellist John Koen, chairman of the orchestra’s Members’ Committee and the lead negotiator for the musicians. … High-mindedness like this is a rare thing indeed. It’s also beautiful and cool. What’s the best way you can thank the Orchestra for their sacrifice and example? Why, it’s the easiest thing in the world: Go see them.”

Posted June 3, 2009