“Bradley Cooper is fully transformed in the first look at his Netflix-backed biographical drama ‘Maestro,’ which serves as his directorial follow-up to … ‘A Star Is Born,’ ” writes Zack Scharf in Monday’s (5/30) Variety. “Cooper stars in ‘Maestro’ as … Leonard Bernstein, with Carey Mulligan playing Bernstein’s wife Felicia Montealegre…. Photos [from the film] show Bernstein at various ages, with impressive make-up work applied to Cooper…. Production on ‘Maestro’ started this month. Moviegoers shouldn’t expect to see the film released in theaters and/or on Netflix until 2023. Steven Spielberg was originally attached to direct a Bernstein biographical drama and recruited Cooper to star in it. Cooper was … more interested in writing and directing movies than taking on an acting role for someone else, even Spielberg. ‘I [told Spielberg], “I always felt like I could play a conductor, but may I research the material and see if I can write it and direct it? Would you let me do that?” ’ Cooper said…. ‘He was kind enough to hand it off to me, and that’s what I’ve been doing for the last four and a half years.’ ” A link to Netflix’s Twitter feed for the film shows photos from Maestro.