“Many lovers of classical music—especially fans of the edgier stuff—feel that they’re under pressure to explain that, no, their taste isn’t as stuffy or expensive as some people seem to think it is,” writes Michael Upchurch in Friday’s (9/9) Seattle Times. “It’s time to puncture some of the myths about the concert-hall experience. Myth No. 1: It’s too expensive. No, not really. Single-ticket prices at the Seattle Symphony range from $22 to $113, with a large number of $37 tickets available.… Compare that with upcoming concerts at the Paramount: Sigur Rós is $75.75-$171.25.… Myth No. 2: You have to dress up. I’ve seen jeans and T-shirts at the [Seattle] Symphony. I’ve seen tuxedos and evening gowns.… Myth No. 3: Concert-hall etiquette is oppressive and intimidating. It’s true that classical music lovers generally shut up and listen.… The general agreement is on delayed gratification … holding off erupting into loud, vociferous pleasure until the end. Myth No. 4. No one who looks like me will be there. At every concert there’s a wide age range. Ethnic diversity isn’t quite so prominent—but it’s not entirely absent… The main point is: everyone is welcome.”

Posted September 12, 2016