In Friday’s (9/26) Irish Times (Dublin), Peter Crawley asks, “Is Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood a rock musician who crossed over to classical music, or a composer who crossed over to rock? … Over the last year or so, Greenwood has been spending more time in the company of orchestras…. His most recent composition, Water… will receive its world premiere in Dublin next week, presented by the Australian Chamber Orchestra…. ‘It’s not just first violin and second violin, it’s a whole bunch of people with their own ideas and that’s what makes it so interesting, I think,’ says Greenwood.… In his orchestral work, Greenwood has channelled the spirit of Messiaen, Bartók and … Krzysztof Penderecki, most notably on Popcorn Superhet Receiver … written 10 years ago when he was the BBC Concert Orchestra’s composer-in-residence that … formed the basis for his film score There Will Be Blood…. He has also been collaborating with the London Sinfonietta chamber orchestra and premiering genre-melding pieces in gig-like recitals with the London Contemporary Orchestra. Now, he says, whenever he sees someone carrying around a cello, he considers it far more admirable than another wannabe toting an electric guitar.”

Posted September 26, 2014