Sunday’s (7/25) Sacramento Bee reports about Jacques Heim’s dance troupe Diavolo, which will perform on Friday with the Reno Philharmonic. “Music and movement meet in Jacques Heim’s world. ‘The wonderful aspect of this coming performance is that the audience will not only be able to watch the dancers, they will also be able to watch the musicians,’ said Heim, founder and artistic director of Diavolo. Musicians will be onstage too? ‘Performing with a live orchestra brings out the visual aspect of the music, not just the visuals of the dancers.’ … Heim founded the company in 1992 in Los Angeles to create large-scale depictions of the funny and frightening ways individuals act with their environment. That might sound heavy, but once audiences see this group of dancers and gymnasts move on giant, rolling wheels or weave up and down giant Plinko boards, they find everything is about fun as well as about dance. Plenty of leaping, flying and twirling goes on.”

Posted July 26, 2010