At the Hollywood Bowl, Gustavo Dudamel led the Los Angeles Philharmonic in Arturo Márquez’s “Concierto de Otoño” with Venezuelan trumpeter Pacho Flores playing four members of the trumpet family—in this case, a soprano cornet. Photo courtesy of the LA Philharmonic.

In Thursday’s (7/20) Classical Voice North America, Richard S. Ginnell writes, “One of [Los Angeles Philharmonic Music Director Gustavo] Dudamel’s most valuable accomplishments has been in championing neglected or little-played music by Latin American composers—most recently through his pandemic-interrupted Pan American Music Initiative…. There is a wealth of great music from south of the Mexican border … It may be that Latin American music will prove the most potent way to refresh the repertoire and attract audiences back to the theaters and amphitheaters after COVID … Dudamel’s marvelous all-Latin American program with the Los Angeles Philharmonic at Hollywood Bowl on July 18 attracted a large, enthusiastic turnout.” Works included Francisco Cortés-Álvarez’s “La Serpiente de Colores” (2022), Arturo Márquez’s “Concierto de Otoño” (2018) with “Venezuelan trumpet wizard Pacho Flores, for whom it was written,” and “Alberto Ginastera’s complete ‘Estancia’ ballet, with a 20-member delegation from Brazil’s Grupo Corpo dance troupe on hand to make it a truly complete performance…. It’s safe to say this kind of Latin American program landed dead-center in Dudamel’s sweet spot. This is what he does best … This music needs advocates who get it as completely as he does.”