“With a stage bursting with musicians, Saturday’s performance of Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 6 was one of the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra’s best in five years,” writes Bruce Miller in Sunday’s (11/14) Sioux City Journal (IA). “The composer’s … work [gave] every instrument in the 60-plus orchestra a chance to shine. Conductor Ryan Haskins had ample opportunity to showcase woodwinds, brass and strings throughout…. The world premiere of Kati Agocs’ Horn Concerto didn’t seem all that removed from other classical works…. It was written for guest artist [Boston Symphony Orchestra Principal Horn] James Sommerville…. Written for the horn, strings, two clarinets and two bassoons … the 18-minute piece had plenty of variety and what [Agocs] called ‘dreamlike’ textures…. The clarity with which [Sommerville] played (and the complement he got from Holly Haddad on the clarinet) helped propel him through a second movement that had echoes of Leonard Bernstein’s ‘West Side Story.’ The third gave his fingers keyboard-level workout…. The work was satisfying for all involved… To fill out the night’s bill, the musicians began with Arturo Marquez’s Danzon No. 4 .… a rhythmic start to a night that promised plenty and delivered.”