“A year ago … The Chronicle’s classical music critic Joshua Kosman and movie critic Mick LaSalle discussed the artistic implications” of the pandemic, states an article in Wednesday’s (7/14) San Francisco Chronicle. “In 2021, now that the arts have begun to re-emerge, it seems like an opportune moment to revisit these questions … Kosman: I can’t say I got very much right, which only goes to show that you should never take epidemiological predictions from an arts critic with an apocalyptic temperament and no scientific background…. To my mind, the most obvious shift in the cultural landscape in the past year—especially in fields such as classical music, dance and theater … has to do with racial and gender diversity, and a sense that it’s past time to rectify our thinking and practice on those issues…. LaSalle: … What is the spiritual effect of this? How do we see our lives, and how does it translate into art? One thing we learned … is how fast a disaster can descend, that things that looked fixed and unmovable could be undone in a few days. That’s something we live with now and could have an effect on the art that people make.”