A report in Wednesday’s (1/28) Plain Dealer (Cleveland) states, “Plain Dealer reporter Donald Rosenberg, who has sued the newspaper, the Cleveland Orchestra, the Musical Arts Association and others for what he says was an attempt to oust him from his position as music critic, has dropped all but one claim against the newspaper and Editor Susan Goldberg. The amended complaint eliminates claims that the newspaper defamed him, breached public policy and broke promises he had relied on. Instead, his only remaining claim is that his reassignment to cover arts and entertainment, as well as dance performances, was an act of age discrimination. Claims against the other defendants remain unchanged. Rosenberg’s attorney, Steven Sindell, said his client dropped the claims against the newspaper because doing so ensures the case would be tried in state rather than federal court. … The lawsuit, which was filed in December in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court, charges that the arts association and others associated with it launched a campaign against him following a 2004 article that presented the orchestra’s conductor, Franz Welser-Möst, in a negative light.”