A report in Wednesday’s (5/27) Telegraph (London) states, “The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra is to perform at the world’s first horse race run to live music at Kempton Park. Their recital of the William Tell Overture will accompany the sound of thundering horses’ hooves at the Surrey racecourse in July. The experiment has been sanctioned by the Jockey Club and organisers say that trainers have had their horses practising to the sound of music. If the one mile three furlongs ‘Classical Canter’ race is deemed a success, other racetracks may follow suit. Animal psychologists plan to monitor the horses’ performances during the race to see if they are inspired by the music. A conductor will lead 12 members of the orchestra and the overture will be played through loudspeakers all the way around the track for the benefit of the horses. … The live music performance will take place on July 8 as part of the racecourse’s Best of British celebrations and an audience of 2,000 is expected.”

Posted May 29, 2009