Thursday’s (3/11) Manchester Journal (Vermont) reports, “Peter Kosmorsky, a senior at Long Trail School, has composed a symphonic fugue to be performed by Sage City Symphony on Sunday, March 14. The 4 p.m. concert will be held at Greenwall Auditorium in the VAPA Building at Bennington College. The project is sponsored by the Symphony’s Young Composers Project, under the tutelage of composer Michael Gallager. For more information and directions, visit or call 802-447-2149. Kosmorsky is a senior at Long Trail School, where he studies with vocal music director Melissa Chesnut-Tangerman and instrumental music director Geoffrey Gee. He was given the instrumentation of the Sage City Orchestra, and was asked to prepare an original work using the instrumentation. Kosmorsky started his work by picking strong themes and mapping out how they might play in counterpoint with each other over the three movements of the piece. Extensive experimentation was followed by final instrumentation of the multi-voice fugue. He has titled it ‘Fugue in Purple in F minor.’ The program on Sunday also includes Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev.” Music Director Michael Finckel will lead Sunday’s program.

Posted March 12, 2010