An article in Friday’s (3/11) Daily Times (Salisbury, Delaware) states, “When Humphrey Bogart said ‘I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship’ to Claude Rains at the end of Casablanca, he uttered what would become one of the most famous exit lines in movie history. In May 1986, when Thomas Elliot at Salisbury University raised the baton on the debut performance by the Salisbury Symphony Orchestra, he too was launching a partnership—this time between community and university, which, a quarter century later, has earned a reputation as a model for musical collaboration in Maryland. On March 19, town and gown come together to celebrate this friendship, with the Silver Anniversary Gala of the SSO. Special guests include the three musicians who have been with the symphony since its debut: Julie A. Barton on oboe, Bobbie Thamert on violin and Charles Smith on percussion. For 25 years, they have joined with some 40 other players on Sunday nights to rehearse. ‘The musicians are like family,’ Thamert said. … Smith is no stranger to Salisbury audiences. This summer will be his 35th conducting the Community Band whose concerts in the park are a tradition. He has been a frequent orchestra conductor for the Salisbury Community Players and previously for the Magi Choral Festival.”

Posted March 11, 2011