On February 15 and 18, the San Diego Symphony will perform free sensory-friendly concerts for children on the autism spectrum as part of a new series called Kinder Koncerts. The February 15 concerts at Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad will take place at 11 am and 12:15pm; concerts on February 18 at Ballard Parent Center in San Diego will be held at 10am and 11:30 pm. The concerts, developed in collaboration with the Music Therapy Center of California and K.I.D.S. Therapy Associates, Inc., will offer flexible seating options, including sensory cushions and zones designated for sitting, standing, and dancing, as well as adjusted lighting and volume levels to accommodate visual and auditory sensitivities; children may also bring and wear noise-reduction headphones. Resources are emailed to families before the event, including a story that tells families what the concert will be like in first person. A visual schedule plus photos of performers and the venue will be posted online the day of the concerts, as well as recordings of the featured music. Click here to read Symphony magazine’s Fall 2015 article about concerts for people on the autism spectrum.

Posted February 14, 2017