In Sunday’s (10/4) San Diego Union-Tribune, Jim Chute writes, “The 99-year-old San Diego Symphony, along with several other orchestras, has entered the iPhone app arena, and classical music may never be the same. ‘There’s a huge opportunity before the classical music community, which is to really look at democratizing access to the music,’ said Margo Drakos, chief operating officer of San Diego’s InstantEncore, the two-year-old company that developed the free application … Modeled after an application InstantEncore created in June for the New York Philharmonic, it went live last week. It offers users access to all things San Diego Symphony through its connection with InstantEncore’s free Web site and the symphony’s Web site. You need tickets to this afternoon’s program… at Copley Symphony Hall? No problem. Directions? Ditto. Want to tell your friends? Check. … You used to have to go to the concert hall to hear a concert. The new model: If you want to listen to a performance by the San Diego Symphony while jogging, working, driving or whenever, it’s only a few screen touches away. Or maybe you would rather hear the London Philharmonic, the St. Louis Symphony or the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, all of which have InstantEncore-powered apps.”

Posted October 7, 2009