Last Thursday (3/19) on, Robin D. Schatz writes, “Yo-Yo Ma, looking relaxed in his black corduroy slacks and black sweater, put down his 18th- century Venetian cello and posed a riddle to his audience: ‘What connects mummies to pirates and Mahatma Gandhi and blue jeans?’ I’d come to see the 53-year-old musician in action, on a recent evening in Manhattan at Columbia Teachers College. … For the most part, Ma’s 600-strong audience came from the trenches of the New York City public schools. The session kicked off a novel, two-year collaboration between the city’s Department of Education and the Silk Road Project, the nonprofit musical and educational organization that Ma founded 10 years ago to bridge East and West. Working closely with educators, the Silk Road Project plans to craft an interdisciplinary curriculum based on the study of the eponymous ancient East-West trade route where ideas, cultures and goods freely mingled. The American Museum of Natural History and the Manhattan School of Music will also participate in the program.” The answer to Ma’s riddle was indigo.
Posted March 26, 2009