On Tuesday (8/12) at Carnegie Mellon University’s Arts Management & Technology Lab blog, Deb Sherrer writes about the tweet seat initiative launched this past spring at the CMU School of Music, where Sherrer is a marketing manager. “Our experience was that tweet seats weren’t for everyone—which is why we isolated tweeters to the second balcony … but ultimately we called the initiative a success. Here’s what we learned: Have a goal and go after it.… Listen. If recent customer service fiascos haven’t alerted you to the fact that Twitter is a two-way street, let me assure you that it is.… Drafting tweets in advance can save a lot of time and thumb power… Tips for newcomers: Dim the backlight on your device to its lowest setting and set it to silent. Check your privacy settings on Twitter, as an account set to private means that your tweets will not be seen…. For easier tweeting, copy and paste the hashtag to the clipboard on your device to ensure accuracy…. I am encouraged by the number of participants willing to give tweet seats a try.… Arts managers shouldn’t be afraid to try something that seems a little out of the ordinary, because it just might be the ticket to engaging your audience.”

Posted August 14, 2014