In Monday’s (11/21) St. Louis Business Journal, Kelsey Wolkmann writes, “The St. Louis Symphony continued its financial recovery in fiscal 2011, with ticket revenue rising 1.5 percent to $6.56 million and contributed revenue increasing nearly 8 percent to $9.16 million compared with last year. At the close of fiscal 2011, the symphony’s endowment totaled $126 million, up $10 million from fiscal 2010, according to new financial figures released today. The numbers show that the symphony’s ‘Building Our Business’ initiative, launched in 2008, is gaining traction and producing positive results even in precarious economic times, President and CEO Fred Bronstein said. Total ticket revenue has increased over a three-year period by 36 percent from $4.84 million to $6.56 million, the highest for all concerts since 2001. During same time period, there’s been a 17 percent increase in seats sold from 165,865 to 194,700 and a 12 percent increase in per-concert average attendance, from 1,522 to 1,708. Since 2008, annual contributed operating revenue has increased 18 percent, and more than 22,000 new buyers have been added to the symphony’s audience base.”

Posted November 22, 2011