December 2-3, Chicago (For orchestras with budget size over $1 million)

While we all know that good governance is critical to the long-term health of an organization, it is a capacity that many organizations struggle to develop. The NAS Strategic Governance seminar will be presented 2-3 December in Chicago with full-tuition fellowships and travel support, making this a great opportunity to take time with a team of your board and staff leadership to build a critical competency for your organization.

The seminar is highly interactive and includes case analysis, class discussions and team exercises. Your senior staff and board will create a shared understanding of the goals for your organization’s governance. Leading management professors will guide your team through the retreat-like session, helping you examine your governance structure, assess the current strengths of your board, and create a plan of action for improving both board performance and the relationship between board and executive leadership.

You can find full details about the seminar, as well as the application at Applications are due October 8.

Posted September 20, 2010