In the May 14 Chronicle of Philanthropy, Nicole Wallace reports, “The total amount of money that charities raised online rose in 2008, as charities attracted more donors to their Web sites, according to a new study. Together the organizations in the study—26 large national charities, such as Children’s Defense Fund and CARE USA, and six state organizations, such as the Colorado Environmental Coalition—raised 26 percent more money through the Internet in 2008 than the previous year, as the total number of online gifts climbed 43 percent. But the average size of those contributions decreased by 17 percent, from $86 in 2007 to $71 in 2008. … Contributions of less than $50 accounted for 61 percent of the gifts made to the organizations in 2008, up from 51 percent in 2007. But while donations of $250 or more represented just 3 percent of all gifts, those gifts accounted for 41 percent of online revenue. … The study’s findings suggest that online activity by charities that operate in a single state is catching up to that of their national counterparts.”

Posted May 15, 2009