The latest issue of Symphony, the magazine of the League of American Orchestras, is available now. What’s inside? Explore how orchestras are adapting to the digital age with a story about the many ways technology is changing the festival experience by bringing the music—and the musicians—up close and personal in the great outdoors. For two weeks this month, seven North American Orchestras perform in Carnegie Hall over nine days. Orchestras play at Carnegie all the time, so what’s different here? The focus of the new Spring for Music festival is on novel and unusual repertoire—and tickets cost just $25. Could Spring for Music’s innovative programs and low prices lure newcomers to a night at the symphony? In his Critical Questions column, League President and CEO Jesse Rosen asks a timely and provocative question: What is the current state of our field? There’s more—much more—in the latest issue of Symphony. Check it out online here.

Posted April 18, 2011