In Sunday’s (4/10) Post-Standard (Syracuse, New York), Melinda Johnson writes, “The Syracuse Symphony Orchestra may have been silenced, but its musicians say they are committed to keeping the music alive. Today, they will perform at Syracuse Opera’s production of ‘The Pearl Fishers’ and at a concert at DeWitt Community Church. And they will fulfill a commitment to Cornell’s Glee Club and Chorus with several musicians accompanying the singers in Bach’s B-Minor Mass on Saturday. But now, rather than celebrating the SSO’s 50th anniversary season, they perform as the musicians formerly known as the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra. They are adjusting to a new world following the vote of the SSO’s board of trustees to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The SSO laid off its 61 core and 14 contract players on April 3. Without income from their primary jobs, the musicians—like so many unemployed—are drawing up a Plan B. … Musicians are considering becoming the presenters of their concerts. They also are interested in buying the SSO’s music library which could be sold off as part of a Chapter 7 liquidation.”

Posted April 11, 2011