In an opinion piece in Tuesday’s (4/1) Toledo Blade (Ohio), Blade columnist Keith Burris writes, “Someone recently said to me that the Toledo Symphony is a ‘hidden gem.’ But an orchestra that plays at Carnegie Hall is not so hidden. Nor do I like the backhanded compliment: ‘impressive for a regional orchestra.’ These musicians are good. Period…. People in Toledo know about the symphony, care about it, and patronize it. The recent ‘pro-am’ night is an example. This is when amateurs get to play with the orchestra.… People came out in droves to see moms, dads, brothers, and sisters play with the symphony for a night. But they also were delighted by the music of Brahms and clapped and stomped along to ‘The Stars and Stripes Forever.’ … The recent performance of the Verdi Requiem … was thrilling. The soloists, the chorus, and the orchestra were uniformly wonderful.… Next up, the Beethoven 9th, and the Ode to Joy with 1,200 singers.… It is a tribute to this city that … people of all economic strata, as well as young people, can and do attend. Live music really is better. Great music really is greater. And it belongs to us all.”

Posted April 2, 2014