In Tuesday’s (6/14) Oklahoman, Tricia Pemberton writes, “How does one tell the story of a famous aviator through music? That’s a question Edmond symphonic composer Callen Clarke asked of himself when examining the life of Oklahoma pilot Wiley Post. ‘Strictly speaking, it is impossible,’ Clarke said. ‘Music gives no facts or figures in the conventional sense.’ … Neither can music relate Post’s aviation prowess in an era studded with aviation legends such as Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart, Clarke said. And yet, Clarke insists, the symphonic form has a narrative quality that allows the listener to imagine the story. So Clarke turned the life of Post into a tone poem—or a one-movement symphony. ‘Wiley Post’ will premiere at 8 p.m. Wednesday at the OK Mozart Festival in Bartlesville. The piece will feature Oklahoma’s musical ambassador, violinist Kyle Dillingham, and the Amici New York Orchestra. The piece was commissioned by the Oklahoma Historical Society. … Clarke and Dillingham have worked together on other historical pieces, such as ‘Normandie,’ ‘The Argosy Overture,’ ‘The Mary Rose’ and ‘The Spirit Symphony.’ ”

Posted June 14, 2011