In Saturday’s (9/5) Salt Lake Tribune (Utah), David Burger writes, “The challenges facing Melia Tourangeau are formidable. There’s the constant fundraising of any arts group, set against the current bleak backdrop of the largest economic downturn in more than a half-century. She’s also leading an international search for a new music director … As the new orchestra season launches this weekend, Tourangeau and musicians are meeting behind closed doors, negotiating an amendment to the labor contract. … While leading an organization with an $18 million budget is never smooth, Tourangeau ‘hit the ground running’ when she began her job as president and CEO of US | UO in January 2008. She brought a new vision and a fresh perspective, [board chair Pat] Richards said. … In March 2009, Tourangeau was faced with a major decision: how to cut $1 million in operating costs to continue the 2008-09 season. She led the way, by slashing her salary 10 percent … And in a move that showed remarkable unity, the 83 full-time musicians voted to give back 11.5 percent of their salaries and benefits for the 2008 fiscal year, which ended Aug. 31. … The board has increased its individual giving and fundraising by three times the amount of four years ago, Richards said.”

Posted September 8, 2009