“A new BBC film will follow the story of the Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra which was formed against the backdrop of the war,” writes Naomi Clarke in Friday’s (7/29) Independent (UK). “Broadcaster Clive Myrie will present the film which will explore how the 75 Ukrainian musicians came together in the midst of Russia’s invasion of the country to bring a message of defiance and hope. Myrie will meet members of the orchestra and follow them from rehearsals in Ukraine to coming together for their first rehearsal as an orchestra in Warsaw for their inaugural concert on July 28. The film will show the challenges they have faced including how some of their family members are on the front lines while many have fled Ukraine since the war began. It will also explore why the musicians joined forces in a warzone to take their music and message to the world. Following their first concert in Warsaw, the orchestra [is] now embarking on a European and USA tour … The orchestra is under the musical direction of Canadian-Ukrainian conductor Keri-Lynn Wilson…. The BBC News film, which has a working title of The Freedom Orchestra, will be broadcast on BBC Two and iPlayer this September.”