“Vermont Symphony Orchestra’s Summer Festival Tour has a lot to like,” writes Chris Mays in Wednesday’s (6/29) Brattleboro Reformer (VT). “ ‘It’s a mix of a full orchestra playing music that quite often, people know, but in a relaxing atmosphere with your kids running around and your picnics,’ said [executive director] Elise Brunelle…. When planning for the festival’s return since COVID-19, prices for everything were rising. Fireworks would be four times more expensive than before, Brunelle said. The orchestra could not cover the cost. The Grafton community raised money, making it the only community with fireworks on the [July 1-10] tour…. Other stops on the tour [Manchester, South Pomfret, Shelburne, East Pomfret, Shelburne, East Burke, Stowe] are getting ‘a smaller, localized light show,’ Brunelle said…. This year’s program … will feature music from ‘West Side Story,’ John Philip Sousa marches, the William Tell Overture, and songs by John Williams and Aaron Copland. The orchestra will be conducted by Julian Pellicano … one of seven candidates for Vermont Symphony Orchestra music director…. Pellicano said the concert celebrates the birth of the nation and the orchestra bringing the tour back after two summers off due to COVID.”