On May 6, pianist and composer Conrad Tao will perform a virtual recital as part of the Kaufman Music Center’s Ecstatic Music series in New York City, featuring Tao’s own repertoire composed during the pandemic, including improvised pieces, plus music by Brahms, John Adams, Jason Eckardt, and other composers. Tao’s multimedia presentation is intended to “reimagine what a piano recital can be,” according to a press release, and is the culmination of Tao’s 2020-21 artist residency at the Kaufman Music Center. The next virtual installment of the Ecstatic Music series on May 25 will feature another Kaufman resident artist, cellist Seth Parker Woods, who will perform Frederick Gifford’s Difficult Grace, Monty Adkins’s Winter Tendrils (with film by Zoë McLean), Nathalie Joachim’s The Race: 1915 (with images of Jacob Lawrence’s The Migration Series), Freida Abtan’s My Heart Is a River, and Pierre Alexandre Tremblay’s asinglewordisnotenough 3 [invariant] (with choreographer/dancer Roderick George).