In Friday’s (11/14) Huffington Post, Steve Schonberg writes that the New York Pops is among today’s non-pop/rock ensembles that are “proving ways to be nimble and keep afloat in order to celebrate of their musical heritage … by mixing in pop culture and celebrity appeal to help keep the light on for their more traditional, orchestral repertoire.… Back in the mid-20th century, orchestras and traditional pop vocalists were not on the fringe, they were de rigueur. Artists like Andre Previn, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and so many more, shared the wave lengths alongside Elvis and the Beatles, understanding that they appealed to different fans but in some grand sense, made their own contributions to pop culture of the day.… [Steven] Reineke has a unique perspective as musical director not only for the New York Pops but also as Pops conductor for the National Symphony and Toronto symphony orchestras…. ‘I still think it’s very relevant and just as much fun for a modern, contemporary audience as it was forty years ago.’ ” To read Symphony magazine’s article “Why Pops Matters,” click here.

Posted November 17, 2014