The audience “came in sequins, furs, bluejeans and leather jackets, and they were young, old and in between” for the Winston-Salem Symphony’s December 31 Plugged-In Pops concert marking Robert Moody’s 10th anniversary as music director, writes Cindy Hodnett in Sunday’s (1/4) Winston-Salem Journal (North Carolina). The concert at Reynolds Auditorium featured “the symphony musicians and the Brubeck Brothers Quartet, a jazz group featuring Chuck Lamb, Mike DeMicco, and Dan and Chris Brubeck, sons of jazz pianist and composer Dave Brubeck…. Joia Johnson, [the orchestra’s] chair of the board … said that Moody has added new layers to the symphony. ‘Bob’s charisma has brought more people to the symphony, as has the diversity of the repertoire he has presented,’ she said….  Moody set the stage for the evening at the beginning of the concert. ‘Clap anytime you want. You can even yell “whoo-wee” if you want,’ he said, prompting laughter from the audience. ‘The same (symphony) rules don’t apply tonight.’ The humorous commentary continued throughout the evening as the Brubeck Brothers Quartet took the stage. Chris Brubeck entertained the crowd with the story of ‘In Your Own Sweet Way,’ a 1950s composition of his father’s.”

Posted January 6, 2015