In Sunday’s (8/21) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Andrew Druckenbrod writes, “The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra is one of the most-traveled American orchestras over the past three decades, touring domestically since its founding and internationally nearly every year since 1980. … These days, the PSO tours might be shorter (although many are long by today’s standards), but they are arguably more prestigious. And perhaps most important, they happen consistently. Supported by a special grant from the Hillman Foundation, sponsored by BNY Mellon and demanding a healthy fee, the orchestra hits the biggest stages repeatedly. That’s again the case with its summer festival tour to Europe of 12 concerts in 10 cities. … This tour will hit some of the most regarded in Europe: the BBC Proms in London, the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival near Hamburg, the Beethoven Festival in Bonn, the Grafenegg Festival, the Berlin Music Festival and Rheingau Music Festival near Wiesbaden. Most of these venues include two concerts by the PSO. The other concerts, not part of festivals, are in Paris and Vilnius, Lithuania. The BBC concert will be broadcast live on BBC Radio 3 and streamed at”

Posted August 22, 2011