Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash.

“AI is taking music lessons,” writes Michael Andor Brodeur in Thursday’s (2/16) Washington Post. “They’re not going great. I’ve heard the future and it sounds confused…. These are just some of my notes after spending time listening to the output of new AI music platforms. (I’m not calling it music just yet.) If you’ve been online at all the past six months, you’ve probably experienced the artificial intelligence (AI) boom in its many forms … I’d say the robots are coming for your music, but they’re already here. The concept of computers as composers has abruptly shifted from enduring fantasy to virtual reality. AI music has found its way into the mainstream … AI music services … offer game developers, podcasters and content creators simple, practical and … royalty-free musical backdrops for their products…. The music I’ve heard from AI generators leaves me feeling so cold and creeped out…. When we know there’s a person on the other side of a song, phrase or gesture, there remains the sense of a connection, an understanding capable of collapsing time and distance.”