Springfield Symphony Orchestra Executive Director Robyn Zimman says that her first few months on the job have been “hectic and joyful,” writes Ron Rollins in Thursday’s (12/19) Dayton Daily News (Ohio; subscription required). Zimman previously served the orchestra’s director of operations and education. “The music director, Peter Stafford Wilson, … selects the music and conducts the orchestra, and I make sure everything is in place for that to happen…. What we’ve tried to do is not stray from our core, because classical music is timeless and will always be relevant … but we also want it to be accessible…. The way people consume music is changing, which is true for all music…. This town is incredibly supportive of the [orchestra]…. Our giving has remained very strong, even through the economic downtown. Our education programs are strong…. We have 150 kids walking in the door every week to play in youth orchestra and children’s chorus…. I love it best on concert nights, seeing people come in the door … seeing the impact we make…. I love seeing the impact [of our education programs] on kids, especially at-risk kids.”

Posted December 20, 2013