Bow tip using Pernambuco wood. Photo courtesy of L’atelier d’Arthur.

The League of American Orchestras, in partnership with the American Federation of Musicians, International Alliance of Violin and Bow Makers for Endangered Species, International Federation of Musicians, Pearle* Live Performance Europe, NAMM, and other international music-sector partners, has released Know Your Bow: Tips for Owners and Users of Pernambuco Bows. This online guide will be continuously updated and offers essential information following the most recent deliberations on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) about the sustainability of the Brazilian wood used in most professional and advanced student bows for stringed instruments. Travel and trade with finished Pernambuco bows outside of Brazil are not subject to CITES permit requirements. But bow owners and users can use the Know Your Bow guide to learn how to take important voluntary actions to support sustainable plantations of Pernambuco and conservation efforts, document basic facts about the wood used in their bows, and be informed consumers.