Conductor and pianist Jeffrey Kahane.

In Wednesday’s (2/1) San Antonio Report (Texas), Nicholas Frank writes, “Conductor and pianist Jeffrey Kahane was hired in early January as music director designate and will take the baton of the San Antonio Philharmonic officially in the summer. The 60-member orchestra has been without a music director since starting over in 2022 after its members lost their positions when the San Antonio Symphony dissolved in June of that year. Newly minted as the San Antonio Philharmonic, or SA Phil, the musicians of the former symphony assembled the orchestra’s first season in August 2022 … and hired executive director Roberto Treviño in late June. Kahane has worked with the San Antonio Symphony … dating back to the early 1990s…. His extensive career as a conductor began in 1995 with the Santa Rosa Symphony, followed by two decades leading the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra … He led the Colorado Symphony for five years … Kahane has a track record of working to connect orchestras to their communities … ‘The season I am planning … has enormous variety,’ Kahane said … ‘The San Antonio Philharmonic is … going to be a real orchestra of the 21st century that speaks to many different constituencies and communities.’ ”